Job hunting myths busted!

24 July 2017

You may be overwhelmed with all the different information on the best way to find a job – but the truth is, there is no single best way. To avoid spending hours of your life at a time scouring the web for the perfect job, we’ve busted some of the biggest myths in job hunting.

“LinkedIn is only for jobseekers with years of experience”

Wrong! The employer you will end up working for is on LinkedIn – and you need to be too. It’s really worth investing your time in a strong LinkedIn profile; it is after all a place to showcase your personal brand. Who are you? What are your strengths? What is it you wish to achieve? Experience isn’t everything, and a strong LinkedIn profile can give you the edge on other jobseekers that aren’t on the platform.

“Social media is just for personal use”

Unfortunately not. It is becoming common practice for employers to vet their applicants via their social media channels (whether this is morally correct or not). Think carefully about what you are sharing on your social media, and ensure that your privacy settings are correct if you are posting things you don’t want potential employers to see.

The Facebook ads you see in your timeline are all extremely targeted – so the more ‘professional’ information you have on your profile, the more likely the ads will bring up relevant jobs for you.

“It’s always best to go straight to the employer”

As a recruitment agency, we know the benefits of having a recruitment consultant on your side. Your consultant will act as a single point of contact and notify you every time a job comes up which fits your skillset. Once you’ve been introduced to your recruitment consultant, they can put you forward for roles where you might not have got an interview on your CV alone. As well as this, your recruitment consultant can give you invaluable advice about the company and who you’ll be interviewing with which will be helpful to know beforehand.

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